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larry hobbs

E-Mail: lhobbs@hobbsbondedfibers.com

Professional Profile
Larry is a 1991 graduate of Texas Tech University in Lubbock. This third-generation Texan is known for product innovation and his sharp eye over manufacturing processes.

After joining Hobbs Bonded Fibers in 1991, Larry advanced to the position of production manager with two years. By 2003 he earned the title of Vice President of Manufacturing, where he helped maximize the efficiency of the company's operations. He also developed the potential for redundancy that offered Hobbs customers the ability to have the same lines produced at three different plants simultaneously, plus the ability to reconfigure production lines to accommodate multiple projects.

In recent years, he added the title of Director of Special Projects, where he negotiated a highly-sought licensing and manufacturing agreement with Texas Tech University's R&D program.

In August 2015, Larry became President & CEO of Hobbs Bonded Fibers, where he is also the largest individual shareholder in the company. He has already expanded Hobbs' footprint in its existing industries and continues to seek new acquisitions.

Larry lives on his ranch in rural McLennan County, just outside the company's home base of Waco. He serves his community, having been Director of the Spring Valley Water Supply Corporation, and he is Past President and a current board member of the Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock.

Current Position: President/CEO

taylor hobbs

E-Mail: taylor@hobbsbondedfibers.com

Professional Profile
Taylor’s career began in 1978 with Hobbs Bonded Fibers in Colunbus, Ohio. After taking time to attend California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo, California, where he studied mechanical and industrial engineering and then serving in the Marine Corps, Taylor returned to the nonwoven industry. Since his return, his experience is varied and includes everything from planning, designing and erecting nonwoven production lines to launching new businesses.

In 1992 Taylor returned to Hobbs Bonded Fibers as the Production Supervisor and in 2001 he was promoted to Director of the new Automotive Division of Hobbs. In this position he supervised the installation and startup of two automotive production lines and the hiring and training of the required personnel. Under Taylor’s leadership the Automotive Division has achieved outstanding growth in sales and profits.

Current Position: Director of Automotive Division

Work History: Over 18 years with Hobbs Bonded Fibers. He previously started several successful businesses as an entrepreneur.

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danny natividad

E-Mail: danny@hobbsbondedfibers.com

Professional Profile
Over 25 years of continuous experience in manufacturing and management environment. He has extensive experience in Nonwoven Textile Industries and Chemical Industries. Danny has a broad background in product development/R&D, manufacturing and process management. He possesses strong verbal and written communication skills, along with decisive leadership skills with a proven background of meeting management goals and objectives. He is a firm believer in management by objective and result accountability. Furthermore, he does not believe in paying for a mistake twice because it is inefficient. He currently works directly with companies such as Dupont, 3M, and Owens Corning to develop new ideas and products.

Current Position: Director of Technology/R&D

Work History:
Danny joined Hobbs Bonded Fibers in 1985 after working for Cargill (Asia , Pacific Operations) for 8 years as Process and Quality Control Engineer.

Danny has a bachelors degree in Engineering and Business Management.

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norman conner

E-Mail: norman@hobbsbondedfibers.com

Professional Profile
Norman brings to Hobbs Bonded Fibers over 35 years of leadership experience in both the manufacturing and retail industries. Prior to joining Hobbs , Norman, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, held executive positions with Genesco, Inc., Leon’s Fashions, Inc. and Reebok Manufacturing. As vice President of Administration, he leads an outstanding administrative management team that has enable Hobbs Bonded Fibers to be a leader in the Nonwoven Textile industry.

Norman, along with the other Hobbs Bonded Fibers’ associates, is very active in industry and civic affairs. He is past president and a lifetime director of the Texas Retailers Association, past president of the McLennan Community College Retail Advisory Board, past president of Central Texas Pop Warner Youth Football Association and currently serves on the board of Wesley Woods Alzheimer’s Care Corporation.

Current Position: Vice President of Administration

Work History:
Norman joined Hobbs Bonded Fibers in 2001.

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j.r. baccus

E-Mail: jrbaccus@hobbsbondedfibers.com

Current Position: Marketing Manager

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