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Research And Development

Hobbs Bonded Fibers is a leader in its industry and is always striving to be an innovator in its products and services. Over the last few years under the leadership of Danny Natividad, the R&D department at Hobbs has managed to partner with important companies in different areas and even the military. Recently, some of the more well-known partnerships include ones with 3M, Owens Corning, and the “Big Three” car companies.

The automotive industry has especially been a major area of growth for the company, and through this they have worked on developing products for the “Big Three” that include: GM, Toyota, and Ford. One of the products that has come out of this is Natural and Synthetic Fibers for use in Acoustic Thermal Insulation for cars. Hobbs sees this market as one of its most important areas now and in the future. The company will continue to work with the suppliers to adapt and create products for use in future car designs.

In addition to automotive, Hobbs has focused on working on military projects. Some of the more publicized products that have come out of the R&D department include a sub-component to the X-35 and F-22 joint strike fighters and a protective thermal insulation for the trans-habitat Mars Project. This insulation that Hobbs is providing for the trans-habitat is a crucial element for the future success of NASA’s Mars project.

The fact that Hobbs is always looking for new partners or projects is one reason that it has done so well. The company is always willing to work on developing new ideas and attempting something that competitors may not even be willing to try. This is one thing that sets Hobbs apart from other companies in its industry and will contribute to its future success as a manufacturer of natural and synthetic fiber products.